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Save Life is one of India's leading train ambulance service providers, specializing in medical transportation via railways. They offer efficient and reliable transportation for patients who require medical assistance or critical care during transit.

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Our objective is to make life-saving medical transportation available to everyone.

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    The safety of the Train ambulance service is our priority.

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    All are licensed to provide high quality ambulance care you can trust.

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How it's work

Bed-to-bed train ambulance service provides comprehensive medical transportation for patients. Here's how it typically works:

1. Patient Pick-up: The service begins with a road ambulance transferring the patient from their home or hospital to the nearest railway station.

2. Transfer to Train Ambulance: At the railway station, the patient is transferred to a specially equipped train ambulance, where a medical team provides necessary care and monitoring throughout the journey.

3. Journey: The patient travels by train, accompanied by medical personnel who ensure their comfort and safety. Medical equipment and supplies are available onboard to manage any medical emergencies that may arise during the journey.

4. Destination Arrival: Upon reaching the destination railway station, the medical team transfers the patient from the train to the station's platform.

5. Final Transfer: From the station, the patient is transferred by road ambulance to their destination, whether it's their home or a hospital. The medical team ensures a smooth transition and continues to provide care until the patient reaches their final destination.

Overall, bed-to-bed train ambulance service offers a seamless and safe transportation option for patients who require medical attention during long-distance travel.

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